Aussie Courts Rule Hotels Can’t Ban Prostitutes

Drovers-Rest-MotelBush Capital is a title earned by Canberra, the main Capital City of Australia. Recently, there was incident at the city, that the Hotel / Motel owner of Drovers Rest Motel in Moranbah, a town in Queensland, refuses and banned the sex worker from renting her a room, which was found out to be somewhat their regular customer for two years and had been visiting the motel 17 times.  The lady was identified as GK who file a discrimination case against the Drovers Rest Motel in Moranbah. Queensland shocked the motel owner in regard to the ruling, thinking that the owner itself had a right to know what type of business being operated under his property. Prostitution is legal in Queensland however, discrimination is not and will not be tolerated as per law. But in the event, if only the lady was to ask permission, it could have gone better, or maybe the way she was treated or rejected was not really acceptable. What do you think? We really do not know the entire story behind it however, I think the owner should have had the right to whether entertain the lady’s operation or not under his property, since it is mostly about the business’ interest / protection / amenity.

Legality of Prostitution in Australia

Prostitution is different from a hot female escort that you normally see in the net, but it is legal in Queensland and this has become a profession in some countries
Queenslandwhile it is illegal and considered as a crime. The law was created for legal prostitution which was a critical decision, a risky program that was approved roughly 12 years ago, thinking it would help and protect women and children. According to the research, only 10% is legal brothel, making 90% illegal. Sad, but that is the fact!

They would rather create a brothel on their own due to the high fees, it is cheaper and does not have to undergo with all those paper works to make it legal and be operational in no time, considering the fact that it is lucrative. Legalizing prostitution opened a window to all who would like to express their passion for
Brothelcommercialized sex and encourage those women with entrepreneurial spirit to build up a business that is legal, healthy, safe and well regulated, which is approved by law. There are still missing piece to this law that needs full attention and tremendous set of focus for it to work, with the help of people who are involved and wants to be engage with it, like the businessman who’s line of business is legal prostitution and the government who implemented this law. Having it said, it is not enough but it might be a good step for it not only in Australia, but also to all countries who are currently suffering the same deal.


Anti-discriminationEveryone deserves to be treated equally. This law was approved 28 April 1977 and came into effect same year June 1.  In Australia, theAnti-Discrimination Act 2004 covers Employment; service; facilities; renting or buying a house or flat, etc. With this event’s case, which do you think it falls under to? Was it really about discrimination? How about the owners rights to refuse regardless if it is legal? It is legal but, how about the woman’s rights if she got denied, refused or rejected by the motel? These are things that is really difficult to decide since two parties are involved and the main thing that we are trying to uncover here is, who is right and who is wrong, or maybe what is the best action for this case!

Richard Munro’s Reaction

Chief Executive Richard Munro says the entire idea is completely Illogical and the government of Australia and Queensland needs to think and change or modify the legislation for hotel and motel owners, to be able to choose what sort of business can be operational on their properties. Munro added, having another business being operated on the owners business, the owner should have the rights to speak up. If someone wants to start doing business like a hairdresser and invited customers to get their hair done, the owner should have the rights to speak up. The hotel / motel owners should have some protection, protecting their rights. They will be seeking legal consultation after they discern the reasons regarding tribunal’s decision.

Court’s Decision and Damages

The decision favored GK that filed a discrimination case to Drovers Rest Motel who seeks damage amounting to $30,000.00. Australian Sex Workers Association chief executive Janelle Fawkes part of the organization of Scarlet Alliance says the ruling created a big-opened-window to all who are in the industry of prostitute. Accommodation has always been an issue since they’ve got a lot of discriminating feedback however, these are not only the form of systemic discrimination that these sex workers get. It only stated clear that these types of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Discrimination should never be practice. That is the reason why they created a law for it, but above all, on any events that involves discrimination should be reviewed and studied thoroughly for better and just result.

7 Sydney Clubs for When you Really Want To Party

Sydney Clubs

Sydney is a beautiful place to have a vacation with your family. You can check the Harbour Bridge or go to the Sydney Opera House; you could also check their beautiful beaches. There are a lot of beautiful place you can visit around Sydney. Especially the Clubs, they have plenty of cool clubs to hang out. Going to clubs is fun especially for young singles. Being with your friends in clubs is a very good time for you guys.
You would surely don’t regret it when you get older, reminiscing the good old days for all the things you’ve done together. Clubs are made to party, so go out and have fun with your friends and meet new ones in the clubs and enjoy every night you’ve been there, especially weekends these are the time to take a break. A long tiring week at the school, or as a young professional, working at the office and getting a lot of stress. You should go out to have a stress relief after having a hard time in everything you do for the whole week.
Sydney has a lot of beautiful clubs to hang out with, you can chose from them or you can jump to another on if you think you its more fun on the other clubs. Enjoy those monster sound systems of the clubs and owned the dance floor once it open. I’ve got the list where real party is happening.
Tunnel Nightclub - Kings Cross and Potts Point - Sydney - Gallery Photo10


  • Chinese Laundry includes basement club, owned by Justin Hemmes’ Merivale Group. It has three electrically design indoors, including its laundry and the smaller cave, this place is often hot. During summer the Tuscan-themed Garden Bar can be a place for you to take a breath.
          LOCATION: The Slip Inn, 111 Sussex St.
          Schedule: Friday 9 p.m.-late
                         Saturday 10 p.m.-late
           RATE: $20 on the door for Saturday night
  • Hugo’s Lounge is a classy club in Kings Cross; Hugo’s Lounge is awarded by the liquor industry as the best night club in Australia in the last three years. They have a tasty $5 pizzas and expensive drinks; this is not a place to count pennies. The party starts at 11pm the tables would give way to the dance floor and the amps would go up. During Sundays Hugo is a place for the legends sounds starts at 10pm.
         LOCATION: Level 1, 33 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross
         Schedule: Saturday till 3 a.m.
         Sunday till 2 a.m
  • Soho Bar located at the heritage building, it is a Kings Cross Institution dating back over 20 years and until now it attracts people to party with them, having high caliber DJ’s. The dance floor is located downstairs and they only have minimal sits and their ceiling is 3D. During Saturdays they have the club hosted by cutting edge DJsaround the world so there is a change in the mood when the DJs change the music from disco to hip-hop.
         LOCATION: 171 Victoria Road, Potts Point
         Schedule/RATE: entry $15-20. Free before 11 p.m
         Cover charge is $15-20 after, open until 3 a.m.
  • Arq jives on Saturday late until Sunday morning. On their big lights the two venues of the club collides and heads to the arena where the main action takes place. They have world class sound system, great acoustics and the best lighting in Sydney.
          LOCATION: 16 Flinders St., Darlinghurst
          Schedule/RATE: entry is typically $15-20, more for special events,
          Open until 8 a.m. Sundays
  • The Ivy dance floor action happens every Saturday in here. During Sunday summer the pool is open to have party at the exclusive pool bar. They have plenty of people coming to this place especially those who want to mingle; this is the right place for them.
         LOCATION: Level 1, 330 George St.
         Schedule/RATE: entry to pure ivy is $20
         Open until 3 a.m
  • Civic Underground located at the grand art deco Civic Hotel wherein in lies a former cabaret in there. Now it is a dance venue and it has great sound systems to listen while partying. Having an electrifying crowd all over the club. The schedule of their parties are irregular so always be in tuned to them to get tickets.
         LOCATION: The Civic Hotel, 388 Pitt St. (corner Goulburn Street)
         Schedule/RATE: prices and times vary according to events
  • Home: The Venue, this is a huge club. It has 4 dance floors that can cater 2000 party goers if you would combine all of the party goers in every dance floor. It is always filled up by young crowd that enjoys dancing. You can see Darling Harbour views in their small rooms.

Australian Billionaire Plans to Build Titanic 2

TitanicWho doesn’t know the story of Titanic? I am pretty sure that every generation knows the story behind Titanic and I am also sure that they had already watched the movie about the ship. The film is said to have a very high profit and most people, who watched the film cried because of the story.

The Story

Titanic film is an American epic disaster film which is directed, written co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron. The main characters in the story are Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). It is about two people of different social classes, who meet on the Ship and fall in love with each other, even if Rose was about to marry  another suitor.

The ship had collided with an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. There were 1,514 people, who died in the tragedy. The movie shows not only what happened during the disaster but it also shows the true meaning of love. Jack decided to sacrifice himself just to save Rose, after the sinking. Jack helps Rose onto a floating wall panel which can only support one person. While Jack freezing in the water and holding the edge of the panel, he promised Rose that she will be saved and will be able to die old, warm in her bed. Rose was able to survive but Jack did not. It was Rose who told the whole story.

Titanic 2

TRHkg7245681Recently, an Australian billionaire named  Clive Palmer announced his plan of building Titanic 2. According to him, the ship will be made as luxurious as the real Titanic ship. It will be  270 metres long (885 feet), 53 metres high and weighing some 40,000 tonnes.It will have 840 rooms and nine decks. “Titanic II will be the ultimate in comfort and luxury with on-board gymnasiums and swimming pools, libraries, high class restaurants and luxury cabins,” Palmer said. The ship is planned to be finished by 2016. Maybe he is cashing in on the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic.

Why Do People Seem To be Interested in This Film?

People say that Titanic 2 will surely have a big profit. Why are people still interested in the Titanic legacy? Maybe, because people are really affected with what happened to those victims who sailed on the ship. Most of the victims were just trying to improve their lives and get a new start in America. The ship was claimed to be unsinkable. But, sank on her maiden voyage. The Titanic legacy still lives on. Aside from that, viewers of the movie, love the fact that it was tragic love story.


Although, the real Titanic is known by people all over the world. Titanic 2 will make the legend live on. Hopefully, Titanic 2 will not be as tragic as Titanic 1. But, maybe people will have a uncomfortable feeling, while sailing on it.

Do you like Titanic? Are you excited about Titanic 2? What are your expectations about the new ship? Well, it’s time for you to key in your keyboard and start typing your comments in my post. I am actually excited about it and I can’t wait for the cruise dates of Titanic 2. I really have a lot of expectations about it.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope that you liked it. Don’t forget to comment!